Everyone’s perception of money is different. Some positive, most not so positive. But where does the perception of money come from?

I’d say it’s from things like your upbringing, past experiences, the views and perceptions ingrained in you by your parents, schooling, your closest friends and family, and society as a whole.

My perception of money growing up, was that money was hard to obtain. It takes along time to accumulate. And a lot of hard work and sacrifices are involved…. You never quite have enough. And you can much more easily and quickly spend it all than you can make it.

This was definitely the case with my family growing up…

There was a lot of blood, sweat and tears involved, and a lot of fighting about money. Every dollar we made went to paying the basic necessities, although even that was difficult and a struggle. There was rarely anything left over to enjoy life with.

Being migrants in a western country, my parents didn’t have the right education or language capabilities to get high paying jobs. And for many years at the start, they didn’t have the resources or know how to start their own business.

Even when they eventually started their own business, it was still nothing short of lots of hard work and stress… When business was good, there was a lot more cashflow than they ever got working a job. But when times were hard, the overheads ate up most or all of the revenue. So in summary, we were always still short of money.

So how did all this shape my perception of money?

I saw that money is extremely hard work, mentally stressful, emotional painful, causes strife in marriage, and there’s always a lack of it… Although money wasn’t everything, and we all know that. But I can’t help but feel that money could’ve solved a lot of our practical life issues. And made us all a tad bit happier if we had more of it.

My perception of money on first entering into adulthood, was that I didn’t really care much about it. I was taught that wanting more of it makes you greedy and a bad person. So I wanted to stay away from it, because it was such as negative thing.

I had also summarized the perception of making money it into two major options. You have to work really really hard in a high stress, time consuming job. Just so you can make more money. But you have no life in the present tense. And can only start to enjoy the rewards of your labour towards the end of your life.

Or the other option is that you can settle for a less stressful, mediocre job with mediocre pay, and make do with the little money you make.

The latter was me…

It wasn’t until recent years after getting married, moving out of home, and thinking of starting a family of my own… When the issue of money really hit me. Having to put my mind into the space of a responsible parent… What did I want my future family to look like? What do I want our lives to look like?

Even initially with just the two of us and our fairly modest level of spending, it seemed like our hard earned money just somehow disappeared every month, with little left after paying the mortgage, bills and other necessities. So that left me freaking out and thinking, what on earth are we to do when there’s an additional 1, 2 or 3 members in our family?

That’s when I found this business opportunity through the SFM. They opened my eyes to how you can build a profitable online business that practically runs on autopilot. That means that once the business is up and running smoothly, you can potentially earn a very lucrative income. While working a lot less than you would in a traditional job or business.

So not only will this solve my money problems, it will also make it easier for me to earn more money.

Not to say that starting this business has not been hard work, because it definitely is. Like anything starting out from scratch, you have to spend time and effort educating yourself and learning new things. And experiencing the inevitable initial growth pains.

However the hardest thing for me, was not the business itself. It was the process of rewiring my
perception of money, so that I could believe that this is all possible. And believing in myself that I can do
this… That I can build this dream business, income and lifestyle that I aspire to have.


Another thing that has been hard for me, is the process of letting go of some my hard earned money to invest in this business. Because let’s be honest, its totally insane and impossible to think that you can grow a multi six or seven figure business with zero financial investment.

Even if you have no immediately cash supply of your own, you will need to find some. Such as by borrowing or selling something you own. You have to leverage money to make money. It’s the quickest and most efficient way to scale a business. And that has been the case for any successful entrepreneur.

But it was emotionally and mentally hard. To remove a perceptually large sum of money from my account and seeing my account balance lower… When I decided to go all in with this business… Because the truth is, if I can’t be serious enough about this business to invest a serious amount into it. Then I might not be serious enough to follow through with the business, to see it through to success.

There were two options that I had to weigh out for myself rationally, when I was making my decision. One was to keep my money so that I felt safe and secure. And just go on with life making hard-earned money from a traditional job, little by little. And maybe just wait for the next opportunity?

Or the second was to go all in right now, with the risk that I might lose it all… But also with the high possibility that I might see a dramatic change in my life and growth in my finances. And in a much shorter amount of time than doing it the traditional way… With the only condition being that I never give up…

Obviously, I chose the better option and hence writing this blog post…


But for those of you who are really struggling with your lives and desperately desiring for change… But you can’t seem to move forward due to hindrances like fear of risk and fear of failure. And fear of parting with your money to start a new business venture… Ask yourself this…

Do you want to stay safe, but be unhappy and unfulfilled? Or are you so ready for change that you will take the risk even if it’s scary… And do something drastic to drastically change your situation?


Little action = little change. Little investment = little returns.

So the reverse is also true…

Big action = big change. Big investment = big returns.

Will you go all out Big, to see Big results in your life?


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