You have big dreams and goals for your life… You often find yourself day dreaming about all the things you want to achieve in your life. You’re not willing to be complacent and settle for mediocrity. Even when others try to tell you that it’s OK to.

You’re not afraid to think big and dream big. Even if your dreams scare you. If your dreams don’t keep you up at night, then maybe you’re not dreaming big enough. Entrepreneurs always dare to dream. Because mediocrity and the status quo is just not good enough. It’s just not a fulfilling and abundant way to live.

You want to keep learning, growing, expanding your horizons, and aiming bigger. You want to stretch yourself, challenge the norms, overcome your self-limiting beliefs and the limits that other people may have placed on you…

My mind is wild and vivid when imagining what it would be like when I achieve my big business dreams and goals. Where would I live and what would my house look like? What would my ideal day look like? What I will do with my life, and how I will spend my time when money is no longer an issue.

How I can use my finances, knowledge and experiences to help impact more people. And how can I provide for my parents. so that they no longer have to slave away working and paying theirs mortgages for the rest of their lives.

Sometimes I think about these things so much, I feel as if you have already made it. And success feels so real to me I can almost taste it.

There will be people that will think you you’re crazy. I feel like I get that a lot, whenever I try to be completely transparent with someone… They will tell you not to get your hopes up, so that you don’t get disappointed. Or they will nicely say to you “Oh ok, that sounds interesting.” But in the back of their mind, they’re thinking “You’re delusional, that will never happen.”

It’s often the same people who are unfulfilled and have achieved nothing to show in their own lives, that are the first ones to be critical of you, when share about your goals and dreams. And on your journey through the valleys when you fall and when you fail, they’re the first ones to say “I told you so,” and tell you to ‘be realistic.’ Whatever that means…

As a successful entrepreneur, you will have the ability to pick yourself up each time you do fall. Your mindset will be different to the majority of people, who are afraid to try to pursue their dreams, because they are afraid of failure…

Failure is not really failure in your eyes, its growth. Failure is not failure, unless you give up.

One of the many great things I love about building my business through the SFM, is the positivity, support and encouraging nature of everyone in the SFM community. People who share the same dreams and goals as you. People who are all about helping you, lifting you up and inspiring you. They encourage you to keep going when the going is tough, and believe in you when you’re struggling to believe in yourself.

These are the people that you want to be around if you want to build a successful, long-term business. Because as much as you can have all the qualities and mindset of an entrepreneur, you can never achieve your dreams on your own…

So what are some of your big dreams and goals?

Dare to think about them. Dare to speak them out loud.

Picture yourself successful. And go after those dreams.

Don’t give up and they WILL become a reality…

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