You want freedom of time and to work on your own terms. When you work and where you work. And how much you work. Depending on your own personal goals targets, not someone else’s. You hate how your day to day life revolves around work, leaving you very little time to do the things you actually want and need to do. 

You want the freedom to determine your own daily work schedule. And cater work around your life and not the other way around. You want more time doing what you love and with whom you love.

I hated having to plan my entire life prioritized around work. Having to squeeze in personal errands and appointments here and there. Either during a rushed lunch break, leaving me with no time to eat. Or taking paid annual leave, which means less annual leave left for the longer breaks when I actually need it. Or by taking unpaid annual leave, which means less money in my next paycheck.

If for whatever reason I wanted a longer break than what is acceptable, which is basically anything over a month… I would have to provide a really good reason to my boss for it. And be subject to higher management approval. Sometimes it was just easier for me to quit my job altogether, and find a new job when I was ready to go back to work.

Having my employer monitor and approve of almost my every move. When I can take annual leave and how long they are allowed to be… It just felt too restrictive and somewhat enslaving…

What if you could choose an income producing vehicle, that gives you the flexibility and freedom to utilize your time however you see fit? While still producing the adequate finances you need to provide for yourself and your families…

What if this vehicle could help you achieve a greater abundance in your finances and free up more time for yourself than ever before? Would you choose that?

Too often we throw our real interests and passions out the window. Because working a 9 to 5 job and raising a family leaves us with little free time left for ourselves. And to do the things that truly make us happy… It also forces us reduce our lives down to working a job to make a living. Restricting us from pursuing our real life purpose and greater callings.

If you’re sick and tired of living a life where someone else dictates how you spend your time and your life… Then it just might be the right time to become an entrepreneur. I can recommend you a great tool to help you get started on this journey of achieving freedom of time. It is an online business platform and training program provided by the SFM. Sign up to the free video series to learn more about this opportunity. And how it can help you break free from the time strapped life of a 9 to 5 job.

Will you choose to start taking control of the limited time you have left on this earth? However short or long it may be… 

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