Do you have the mindset of becoming a successful entrepreneur?

There are two main types of working people out there. The first one is the traditional employee working a 9 to 5 job. The second is the entrepreneur. Have you ever thought about which type of category you belong to? And is your current position congruent with that? First, lets determine if you have the basic mindset of becoming a successful entrepreneur…

I used to be very undecided about which group I belonged to. As I could easily fit into either one. However almost a decade later, I’m more sure now than ever that I belong to the second group. In fact, I’ve always belonged to the second group at heart. I’m just more certain about it now. Based on years of experimentation and evaluation of my life, my personality, qualities, mindset, goals and dreams.

Below is my own personal summary of the 7 signs that show you have the mindset of becoming a successful entrepreneur. I hope this helps you identify if you could be an entrepreneur at heart too…

  • Mindset of a successful entrepreneur #1 You are unable to work the same job for a prolonged period of time due to boredom and dissatisfaction. You want to do something more stimulating, challenging and fulfilling.

  • Mindset of a successful entrepreneur #4 You hate the process of writing nice sounding resumes and faking it at job interviews. You don’t believe anyone else has the right to determine our true abilities but yourself.

  • Mindset of a successful entrepreneur #5 You hate the lack of financial reward from working a 9 to 5 job. You want the control to write your own paycheck. Which should be the determined by the work you put in and the results you produce.

  • Mindset of a successful entrepreneur #6 You always find yourself thinking of new and creative ways to make money. You want to achieve a life of financial independence, freedom and abundance.

  • Mindset of a successful entrepreneur #7- You find yourself often day dreaming about achieving bigger goals. Which keeps you motivated and focused on the daily tasks required to get there. You won’t settle for mediocrity and complacency. Even when others try to tell you that its OK.

If some or all of the above applies to you, then you may well have it in your bones to be an entrepreneur.

Bear in mind that not all entrepreneurs are successful. As it ultimately comes down to the nuts and bolts like having the right business model, strategy, method of execution, hard work, commitment and perseverance. However it is important to first establish you have the mindset and desires of an entrepreneur…

If you have concluded that you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, then the next step is to take action. If you have already searched high and low for a business idea/model that could potentially take you from thinking like an entrepreneur to actually being one… And you are stuck for options… Then have a look into this business model that I’m currently invested into. Which is helping me to build a profitable online business and become a successful entrepreneur.

Maybe this is the day that you findThe One’ and can finally step into your entrepreneur dreams too…

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